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We deal with the IRS.
We protect against any future
income tax notice or audit.

Tax Identity Recovery

Recover your tax identity.
Receive your refunds.
Get credit for your payments.
Head off erroneous interest & penalties.

Tax Identity Recovery

Tax Audit Defense member testimonials

Thank you, being audited is scary and you did a great job!
Nancy B.
I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me. I was truly overwhelmed when I first received a notice from the IRS on this issue. From the beginning, you calmed my fears and methodically walked me through this process. I would have felt forced to pay, even though I knew I didn’t owe this to them. I could never have done it without you.
Mark C.
They were a great help and made this dispute process very easy.
Dennis L.
Tax Audit Defense was great to work with and helped us successfully resolve our audit with the IRS. Thank you so much!
Chris B.
My representative’s knowledge, customer service and explanation of all steps was 500%. I am extremely happy with your firm and plan on using Tax Audit Defense every year. Please don’t raise your very reasonable price. I have been recommending your service to anyone who will listen to me. I had a great outcome and experience.
Sally K.
When you receive a letter from the IRS stating that you owe fifteen thousand dollars, it is very intimidating. TAD was my first AND last call. They took over the issue. A few weeks later, another letter from the IRS arrived, and said I owed $0.00. This service has proven it does what it says, and I will never not have it.
Karl P.
Thank you for all your hard work and expertise. Outstanding representation. You really saved us!
Jim J.
I really valued the follow up by the representative throughout the process and being a buffer between me and the IRS. I was able to sleep good at night not having to think about being audited!
John S.
At the end of the day, the matter was resolved, the agent was very supportive, calmed me about the process and explained the approach. All of this was very helpful in dealing with a stressful situation!
Leon G.
Many thanks for your great service!
Zhong B.
Saved me hundreds of dollars - You all are awesome!!! Thank you so much!
Allie W.
My IRS issue was completely resolved favorably, not sure if same positive results would of been accomplished without TAD's representation!
Christine A.
I am very pleased that my tax issue was resolved and no tax is required. The representative was very nice and listen to my situation. Thank you very much for your service!
Tzy-Chyi Y.
5 stars. Extremely fast and responsive. Professional! We are EXTREMELY pleased!
Clara S.
The representative attended the audit meeting on our behalf. She did a good job and saved us both time and stress!
Rodney M.
TAD is extremely professional, sincere and responsive to resolve my issue!
Naushad A.
I am so grateful that I had purchased this service. Everything went so smoothly!
Jerold M.
It was nice to know that we had someone on our side and understand our situation. Fast replies, kind and courteous!
Robert H.
Thank you so much! I am very grateful for your help! So glad I had TAD!
Joe R.
Thank you for your help. I'm extremely happy with the result!
Nicole T.
Competent and timely responses from my TAD representative. Cannot thank you enough for the help!
Paul B.
TAD is wonderful. They helped me with my 2 year audit and represented me superbly. The best!
Min T.
TAD took the worry out of the whole audit process!
Wayne R.
Thank you very much for your team's excellent service!
Natalie M.
We appreciate your representation of us for this tax audit, and will recommend your company to others. Thank you!
Darla and James S.
My tax issues was resolved promptly and correctly in my favor!
Kathleen A.
Our representative was expert, efficient, and effective. She made my dealings with the IRS as painless as possible!
James J.
TAD gave us a high level of professionalsim and were consistent in their follow up!
Vidya S.
Just wanted to thank you so very much for your patience and understanding of my problem. I feel so much better. You were indeed a life saver! Thank you!
Joyce W.
Tax Audit Defense took the worry and hassle out of dealing with the IRS!
Timothy J.
I received a Tax Audit from the IRS. I Called the TAD number they did the rest. It was great having back up when I needed it!
Michelle T.
It was nice to know, a knowledgeable team to take care of a Tax issue, if I had to do on my own...I wouldn't even know where to start. Thank you!
Jessica W.
I really valued the follow up by the representative throughout the process and being a buffer between me and the IRS. I was able to sleep good at night not having to think about being audited!
Sylvester J.