About Tax Audit Defense

Our Mission: To defend your income tax return - protect your economic well-being, relieve stress and save time.

Dealing with the IRS/State is costly, stressful and time consuming. Our goal: Minimize the adverse economic consequences if you are questioned about your income tax return, reduce your anxiety and stress and save you time in the process. The tax experts at TAD stand in your shoes, communicating professionally with the IRS (or State), so you don’t have to.

Our Company:

What We Do: Tax Audit Defense is a full-service tax audit representation company. We defend you against any question about your income tax return posed by the relevant tax authority, from full-scale audit to nasty form letter. In federal and state income tax matters, we represent tax payers before the IRS Examination Division and Collections Division, and state income tax agencies. We have qualified licensed professionals for all federal, state and U.S. territorial tax jurisdictions.

Who We Serve: We serve individual taxpayers, Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, tax professionals, accountants, associations, and small businesses. While we handle any question about any income tax return, we specialize in defending taxpayers with more to lose and more complex situations than those who typically file their income taxes on-line with few or no supporting schedules. For taxpayers with more at stake and more complex returns, we are the nation's leading tax audit negotiator.

Continuous Focus: Our licensed professionals, CPA's, attorneys and IRS Enrolled Agents defend more audits in a month that most other CPA's, attorneys and IRS Enrolled Agents defend in their entire working career. We are a specialty professional practice, focusing on the very narrow area of taxpayer representation before the Examination and Collection Divisions of the IRS and equivalent state income tax authorities. By focusing the best expertise on this narrow focal point, we bring to taxpayers the best obtainable outcomes in income tax audits and collection actions. We are a tightly controlled, cohesive unit; not a dispersed army of foot soldiers that each do very few audits annually compared to TAD tax professionals.

For Clients with More to Lose or More Complex Cases: High, Unified, Supervised and Controlled Professional Standards: To provide the highest uniform standards of professional practice and client service, we operate from centralized offices. We designed our organization and systems to maintain close, unified and consistently superior control and supervision of each client case. We work your case with a co-located, cohesive team, led by your responsible, accountable, in-touch and reachable, licensed tax expert.

Our Team of Licensed Tax Professionals